Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019
Pascaline Edwards

Pascaline Edwards finds love after a ‘powerful’ one-night stand

Ghanaian actress Pascaline Edwards has opened up on how she found love after a one-night stand with a man she barely knew.

The veteran actress Pascaline Edwards explained that she once found herself alone in a room with a man, but before she realised they were already getting intimate.

According to her, “things had started knocking things. His hands were around my thighs, and before I realised, he had started to unhook my bra but he couldn’t find the hook because there was no bra”.

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“Later, he told me that actually attracted me to him [she not wearing a bra]”, Pascaline Edwards said on GHOne TV’s Duvet show, adding that the encounter was so eventful that she fondly remembers the day.

She further revealed that she and the said man are still together and have been dating for the past three years.

She said both of them have been madly in love since they first met and had that one-night stand.

Pascaline Edwards has been one of the most consistent actresses in the Ghana movie industry over the last 20 years.

The actress, who has Swiss, Scottish, Portuguese and Ghanaian blood is also a cousin on her mother’s side to equally talented actor Majid Michel.

Although she had been off the screens in recent years, she is still regarded as one of the very best to ever emerge from the West African country.

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